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Introduction to Welding

Oxygen/acetylene cutting, basic trade skills & fundamentals of welding.

80 HRS. / 4 Weeks

Plate SMAW

Will teach individuals how to burn a welding rod in a straight line on a flat, overhead, vertical, and horizontal position.
160 HRS. / 8 Weeks


Will teach individuals how to weld an open butt groove pipe with a stick rod in multiple positions.

160 HRS. / 8 Weeks

Plate-Pipe SMAW

Will teach individuals how to weld an open butt groove plate and pipe with Stick process in multiple positions
240 HRS. / 12 Weeks


Will teach individuals how to weld an open butt groove pipe with TIG in multiple positions

160 HRS. / 8 Weeks 

Pipe Combination Welder

Will teach individuals how to weld an open butt groove pipe in an overhead, vertical and horizontal set position with both processes SMAW & GTAW.

320 HRS. / 16 Weeks

Pipe Combo Welder 480

Will teach individuals how to weld and open butt groove on Plate & Pipe on SMAW & GTAW processes. This course also includes welding on a thick schedule pipe for a full penetration weld on both processes. This weld is most used for any pipe test.

480 HRS. / 24 Weeks 

Introduction to Pipeline

This program strictly focuses on pipe welding with the Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) process, no plate will be covered in this class. SMAW, also known as Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMA) is a manual arc welding process using a consumable electrode (rod, usually about 14”) covered with a flux to lay the weld. When an arc is struck between the electrode and the work piece, both the electrode and the work piece surface melt to form a weld pool. The process allows only short lengths of weld to be produced before a new electrode needs to be inserted in the electrode holder

Advanced Pipeline

Pipeline construction is used to transport goods or material (oil, refined products, or natural gas) through a pipe from the oil fields to the refining and storage facilities. Pipelines extend for thousands of miles from city to city and sometimes into neighboring states. Segments of pipe are welded together using SMAW process, running an electrode (rod) in downhill progression. Pipes used for pipeline class are 12 inches in diameter. Employers hire Pipeline welders as independent contractors; they must have their own welding rig to land a job. To take this class, you must have your own welding truck, machine, and tools.

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