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We instill a culture of continuous safety training, ensuring that our students are well-prepared to identify and address potential hazards in a welding environment.


Our curriculum is ever evolving and responsive to industry advancements, ensuring that students are trained with the most current and relevant skills.


Our immersive workshop enables students to master cutting-edge skills through consistent hands-on learning.
James Samaniego
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First week on Sun City Welding academy and so far I’m really liking it great instructor who put in the work to get you to the level you want to be at.
Christian Torres
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I really recommend this school great instructors they show you all the things your going to need for the job sight an amazing school!
Emilio Torres
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I enrolled here in the Sun City welding academy 2 months ago and I feel very accepted around here, everyone enrolled here has a great attitude and even though everyone has a different progress or program, we all help each other. I really recommend this academy for anyone willing to make the good money in the welding field.
Valerie Felix
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Sun City is a great school with a welcoming and motivating environment. The instructors are very helpful and always ready to teach. I just began my second week and have already learned so much with lots of hands on practice. I can confidently say I chose the right school.
Khalil Duque
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Great place to come and learn and do hands on welding the teachers and people here are very friendly would greatly recommend for people that don’t want to do bookwork and sit around all day very hands on the safety gear, uniform and tools they give you when u start 480 combo are very nice and good quality
Dulce Hernandez
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I've been in school for 5 months and the instructors help you a lot, one of the things I got into was because it's hands on, the first week you're already soldering, 5 months and I passed my D1.1 test and my 6g pipe 45degree angle, I highly recommend it!

Our Mission

West Texas is our home, and we aim to transform this region into a premier hub for cultivating highly trained and qualified welders, ready to meet the demands of a booming industry.

At Sun City Welding Academy, our mission is to elevate the welding trade by delivering a superior education and certification experience for students that is guided by real-world welders bringing practical insights to the learning process.

Our commitment to safety, quality, and efficiency forms the bedrock of our educational philosophy. Through excellence in instruction and hands-on learning environments, we instill a culture of quality that goes beyond industry standards, preparing our graduates for success in the ever-evolving field of welding.

We have established strong partnerships with leading companies and organizations that ensure our students access to real -world opportunities and projects. We are a community of students, instructors and industry professionals all united by a passion for welding.

Sun City Welding Academy Is Where The Real-World Welders Are.

Dedicated Professionals

Our welding classes are instructed by dedicated and experienced professionals in the field. Employing effective teaching strategies, our instructors ensure that every student discovers a personalized path to success in welding education.

Accessibility and Support

Discover affordability at our academy with current payment plans and anticipate additional financial assistance options arriving soon to support
your educational goals.

Superior Welding Training

Acquire essential hands-on training and experience tailored to meet industry demands. Our comprehensive program covers MIG Welding, TIG Welding, Stick Welding, Combination Pipe, Pipeline Preparation, and includes informative seminars on various Alloys.

Time is Valuable

Our flexible classes are tailored to accommodate your schedule seamlessly, ensuring you can easily
integrate valuable learning experiences into your busy routine.


Are classes exclusively for experienced welders, or is it open for beginners to join?
Our classes welcome individuals with no prior experience, guiding them through a structured program that progresses from the basics to advanced combo pipe welding skills within 24 weeks.
Are classes in person or online?

All 480 hours are conducted in person part-time or full-time, providing you hands-on training under the welding hood.

Is Financial Assistance available?

Our academy currently offers payment plans; financial assistance is also available via Mia Share. For more information, please visit our Tuition Page.


No, we accept everyone regardless of their educational background.


Yes, we have morning, afternoon, and evening shifts, giving you the flexibility to be enrolled part-time or full-time.


We exclusively provide every student enrolled in the Combo Welder 480 course with a starter tool kit, equipping them with the basic gear they’ll need to get started.